Why Should Some Airport Duty Free Stores Use ICAO STEBs?

ICAO STEBs For Airport Duty Free Stores

ICAO STEBs also called security tamper evident bags. They are ideal for all airlines and airport duty free stores. Each bag will have single handle for easier carry and inner pouch for receipt.

Each ICAO STEBs Bags will have State/Manufacture Code and should be printed with ICAO logo.

Retailers will use the inventory code to manage the retailer’s inventory to ensure that no one steal and mishandle the no empty STEBs.

Scan the inventory code during the sale to carefully manage the STEBs inventory in the store.

To ensure proper security control of the supply chain processes, retailers will use safety equipment. In order to keep all options open, you can choose unique numbers, two-dimensional barcodes, RFID chips, and so on.

Only a listed of manufacturers of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) are able to provide for International Airport and Duty Free Shops.

So why airport duty free stores use STEBs?

The ICAO STEBs are designed to secure LAGs (Liquids, Aerosols & Gels) purchased at airport duty free stores.

To prevent departing passengers bring threaten liquid from making devastating consequences.

Customers who buy from duty free store cannot open the ICAO STEBs bag until final destination.

If someone tamper the bag ,the custom may confiscate the contents.

If someone has tried to tamper with the bag to remove the contents, it will show tamper evidence.

The current ICAO guidelines on security controls for LAGs are effective in mitigating the threat posed by liquid explosives.

And should remain in effect and universally implemented by all Member States until effective, efficient and widely adoptable detection technology becomes available that will facilitate the gradual replacement of the current restrictions.


The ICAO STEB (International Civil Aviation Organization Secure Tamper Evidence Bag) is specially designed for the aviation industry. Here are a few reasons why some airport duty free shops should consider ICAO STEB: Regulatory Compliance: ICAO STEB complies with aviation safety regulations and guidelines established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). These regulations were created to enhance safety measures and reduce risks in the aviation industry. By using ICAO STEB, airport duty free shops can ensure that the necessary security requirements are met. Anti-Tamper Feature: The ICAO STEB is equipped with an advanced anti-tamper feature that provides a clear visual indication if the bag has been tampered with. For example, these bags often have a unique serial number or barcode that can be easily tracked and authenticated. This helps prevent unauthorized access to goods and ensures the integrity of products sold. Enhanced security: As airport duty free shops handle products such as alcohol, perfumes and other high-value items, ensuring their security and authenticity is critical. ICAO STEB provides an additional layer of security by providing a visible indication of tampering. This helps prevent theft, counterfeiting or unauthorized access to goods in transit. Simplified process: ICAO STEBs are designed for easy identification and fast processing within airport security systems. This helps to minimize delays and improve the operational efficiency of duty free shops. Additionally, these bags can be easily integrated into existing baggage handling and security screening procedures, reducing the need for additional handling or inspection of products. Customer trust: By using ICAO STEB, airport duty free shops can build trust and confidence with customers. It reassures passengers that the product they are purchasing is securely sealed and authentic. This is especially important when dealing with high-end luxury brands, as customers expect authenticity and quality. Overall, the use of ICAO STEBs at airport duty-free shops enhances security, ensures compliance with aviation regulations and increases customer trust. It provides a reliable and effective solution for protecting the integrity of the products sold in these stores.

Post time: May-09-2023