Security Tamper Evident Packaging Solutions

Case 1–Food Delivery Security

For the food delivery security, there are news shows that the driver has eaten customer’s food because he is very hungry. And after that, they cover the lunch box and return the food to the customer.

It seems it is very horrible. How to make sure your food is not opened by others? Seal Queen have provided the solution for the online food ordering. That is, using the food delivering tamper evident bags. It will be waterproof .And also protect the food from opening by others. More importantly, it can reduce risk if others put unknown item inside. it will also improve the reputation of online food ordering platform.

Case 2—Cash-In-Transit Security

Another point Seal Queen have mentioned will be cash delivery security. There are news shown that one side door of Armored Cars opened and 3 cash box drop on the road when driving. And the deposit from the cash box fly away.At present, not all the money have fully collected .They have lost 62,000,000 Taiwan dollars.

It is really amazing case. According this situation, Seal Queen put forward a solution that uses the tamper evident bags for the deposit. It will also secure the cash delivery.

Since tamper evident bags is not well known for China Market. Seal Queen have also introduced the tamper evident bags more clearly. It may create a good way to promote and to improve people’s security awareness and to reduce more lost.

Seal Queen have also put forward a new solution. It is about how does RFID technology applied in the security packaging. And it may increase people’s confidence for the safety packaging.

tamper evident bag

Secure, tamper-resistant packaging solutions are designed to protect goods and ensure their integrity during storage, transport and handling. These solutions provide visible evidence of tampering or unauthorized access, enabling manufacturers, retailers and consumers to identify and reject compromised products. There are many types of secure tamper-evident packaging solutions to choose from, including: Tamper Evident Seals and Labels: These are adhesive labels or seals designed to break or leave a visible mark in the event of tampering. They can be applied to product, container or packaging closures such as bottles, jars or boxes. Tamper Evident Tapes: These are self-adhesive tapes that provide a clear indication if the package has been opened or tampered with. They can be applied to cartons, boxes or containers to provide an extra layer of security. Tamper-Evident Bags and Pouches: These are specially designed plastic bags or pouches with integrated tamper-evident features. Once sealed, any attempt to open or tamper with the bag will result in visible damage or marks indicating tampering. Shrink Tapes and Sleeves: These are plastic straps or sleeves that are applied to closures such as bottle caps or jar lids. They provide a tamper-resistant seal by shrinking tightly around the closure, making it difficult to remove without obvious signs of tampering. Holographic Labels and Packaging: These packaging solutions feature holographic images or graphics that are difficult to replicate. Holographic features provide visual authenticity and make it easier to detect tampering or counterfeiting attempts. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) or NFC (Near Field Communication) Tags: These electronic tracking systems can be integrated into packaging to provide real-time monitoring and authentication. They can track the location, condition and integrity of products throughout the supply chain. These secure, tamper-resistant packaging solutions help deter tampering, prevent unauthorized access, and protect products from theft, counterfeiting, or contamination. They reassure businesses and consumers that their merchandise is authentic, safe and secure.

Post time: May-09-2023